Gourav Singh's The Acoustican Guitar Classes provides the best guitar classes in Lucknow and Also working as Online Guitar Classes in India , formed in 2013 with the idea to spread the real music education.

So many guitarists learn to solo by learning the technical licks and riffs from their Inspirational Guitar players into their own playing, while adding in their own feel and emotion. 

The result of this approach is , guitarists end up knowing how to improvise in a particular genre ,but lack the technical and theoretical understanding of why these solos sounding so good. 

We provides structured theories , designed to help guitarists who may have learned the technical playing, but lack the theory of the musical elements that make a solo strong and emotional.

Through  Audio,Video , Diagrams, and Discussions, the course explores the technical aspects of what makes a successful solo – from scales and arpeggios with Techniques.

You will learn to identify various progressions and their characteristics, and how to play and think within a framework as a means of organizing your musical composition. 

Guitar Lessons Available for All Age Groups.

Offline Guitar Classes Available in Lucknow

Online Guitar Lessons Available in Lucknow

Online Guitar Classes in India 


Online Guitar Classes in India with Staff Notation

Online Guitar Lessons in India with Staff Notation

Online Guitar Courses in India with Staff Notation

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