Gourav Singh's The Acoustican Guitar Classes provides the best guitar classes in Lucknow and Also working as Online Guitar Classes in India , formed in 2013 with the idea to spread the real music education.

So many guitarists learn to solo by learning the technical licks and riffs from their Inspirational Guitar players into their own playing, while adding in their own feel and emotion. 

The result of this approach is , guitarists end up knowing how to improvise in a particular genre ,but lack the technical and theoretical understanding of why these solos sounding so good. 

We provides structured theories ,designed to help guitarists who may have learned the technical playing, but lack the theory of the musical elements that make a solo strong and emotional.
Through  Audio,Video , Diagrams, and Discussions, the course explores the technical aspects of what makes a successful solo – from scales and arpeggios with Techniques.

You will learn to identify various progressions and their characteristics, and how to play and think within a framework as a means of organizing your musical composition. 




Hindustani Classical

Indian Classical Vocals Beginner 1
Indian Classical Vocals Beginner 2

Indian Classical Vocals Intermediate 1
Indian Classical Vocals Intermediate 2

Indian Classical Vocals Advance 1
Indian Classical Vocals Advance 2
Indian Classical Vocals Advance 3
NOTE: Each Course is designed with Theories and Practical for Raagas with different Taalas.

Western Vocals

Western Vocals Beginner 1
Western Vocals Beginner 2

Western Vocals Intermediate 1
Western Vocals Intermediate 2

Western Vocals Advance 1
Western Vocals Advance 2

NOTE: Each Course is designed for Vocal Flexibility and Strengthening Exercises and Songs with their Notes and Time Signature.

Bollywood Music
We also work with any of the Bollywood Song Oldies ,Latest or any Genre which you want to sing with their Karaokes.

Guitar Courses Available for Any Age Group ( One on One and Groups )
Online Vocal Courses Available for Any Age Group ( One on One )

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The Acoustican Guitar class is a complete guide for learning guitar. I was trying to learn guitar on my own since very long time, but to learn anything without guru is quite difficult. Mr. Gaurav is a perfect guru who teaches all the guitar playing skills with ease. His almost 2 decades of experience in guitar playing reflects genuinely when he explains anything related to the guitar. It's been 6 months since I've joined this elite fraternity and I am so happy and looking forward to improve my guitar skills with the perfect guru.


Dr. Vivek Mishra, Asst Professor,AIIMS

I started my guitar lesson online with Mr.Gourav as a beginner and so it has been a very nice experience. Mr.Gourav understands my strengths and weaknesses well and accordingly adjusts the learning sequence. To keep the lessons and practices interesting, he ensures to not only focus on theory with chords, leads etc and instead keeps including various song parts in every lecture. I would highly recommend Gourav sir to learn Guitar at any level.


Amir Khan,
C.E.O , U.S.A

Great Teacher who knows exactly what you need to work on to improve fast
I started taking classes with Mr.Gourav for the past month and a half. It has truly been a great experience.I knew a few chords beforehand but was struggling to move my guitar learning forward. He helped me understand the basics, from strumming to breaking down how I can catch the rhythm. He has also pushed me to learn singing along with playing the guitar and I cannot thank him enough for it. If you want to either start or conitue your guitar journey I cannot recommend him enough!


Maneesh M
Working Professional

My experience in this guitar class has been outstanding! I have gained tremendous knowledge, not only in theory, but also practically. From being a complete beginner, I can now (after a few weeks) already play some songs on guitar. The teacher has played a major role in my improvement because he explains me very well and helps me whenever I am baffled.


Dr.Ambreen Samad,

I started learning from Gourav remotely 8 months back and the experience has been great!! He starts teaching by assessing the current level of the student and teaches via a good mix of theory and songs of incremental difficulty which helps you both enjoy and learn in parallel. He also introduces you to new forms of music and songs which further increases interest. I have really enjoyed the experience and would high recommend it to anyone who wants to learn music instruments

Harpreet Singh, Sr.Engineering Program Manager,Apple