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Belonging Thaat -Bilawal

Notes Ascending :Sa, Re, Ga,Ma,Pa,Dha,Ni, Sa'

Notes Descending :Sa', Ni, Dha,Pa, Ma, Ga, Re,Sa

Time : 7:00 - 10:00 Morning

Vaadi: Dha

Samvadi: Ga

Jaati : Sampurn-Sampurn

Carnatic Music : Sankarabharan.


This is the supportive Raag to  Bilawal Thaat thatswhy in all the ragas the shade of this raag can be seen.Bilawal have different kinds such as Alhaiya , Devagiri ,Kukumb , Sarparda , Shukl, Yamani, Nat Bilawal, etc.

This is samburn-sampurn jaati rag but still we don't sing Ma in the ascending.

Alhaiya Bilawal is more famous then Bilawal, in which  Komal Ni also be used  a bit .

In Carnatic Music this Raag is called as Sankarabharan.

It is also known as Belawal,Belawali, in the scriptures.

It is known for its all Natural Notes from the time of Tansen.


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